Firstly ,thank you for your enquiry and rest assured your patients are in good hands here.

Dr Walker was the Chief Organising Examiner through the Australian Society of Advancement in Anaesthesia in Dentistry for the Dental Board of NSW. This is for the accreditation of practitioners for approval by the board to administer Intravenous sedation in accordance with the Dental Act 1989 related to Regulation 41.

Dr Walker became Chief External Examiner in the Diploma of Intravenous Sedation through University of Sydney and holds this position to this day as the Senior Clinical Lecturer in the diploma course.


  1. Intravenous Sedation is a useful adjunct in the treatment of patients who are phobic, have a high gag reflex or require complex procedures where a local anaesthetic is not adequate.
  2. We provide a full range of services, restorative, endodontics, oral surgery and implants.

As part of our practice we have our own General Anaesthetic facility. A specialist Anaesthetist attends regularly and we are staffed with Senior Registered Nurses who are trained in Anaesthesia and intensive care nursing.

Having our own General Anaesthetic facility allows us to treat your patients for difficult procedures such as oral surgery or implants without the high cost of hospital attendance. This is particularly useful for those without private cover.

My dental surgery is equipped according to the standards for General Anaesthesia as set down by the Faculty of Anaesthetists and NSW Health, with full monitoring and recovery facilities.

I would like to offer my full range of services to you and your patients whenever you have a specific need in your ongoing treatment plan.

Please rest assured that we will provide quality service to your patients and that we are an approved and certified dental board sedation practice.

If referring a patient, please download the Patient Information pdfs and ask your patient to read them. They contain vital information about the pre and post anaesthetic requirements.



We are a certified Dental Board Sedation practice offering Intravenous Sedation on a daily basis unlike other practices that bring in an anaesthetist on a monthly basis to perform their sedations. We receive referrals from many dentists for sedation & General Anaesthesia. So if you enquire elsewhere please ensure, for your security, that it is to a dental board approved practice.

We offer General Anaesthesia on a regular basis at our rooms and we are one of the very, very few in the Sydney metropolitan area.