Sydney Sedation Dentist

sydney sedation dentist

Sydney Sedation Dentist & Surgeon

Dr Michael Walker, reputable Sydney sedation dentist, completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree, from the University of Sydney in 1983.

He has taught at TAFE, trained Dental Assistants and conducted Relative Analgesia courses for the Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology.

He lectures at the University of Sydney Sedation Diploma courses and has introduced undergraduates at Westmead Dental Hospital to sedation practices.


After starting in dentistry Dr Walker realised there was a need for enhanced services for those patients who, for whatever reason, had a significant fear of dental procedures. With this in mind Dr Walker undertook studies through the Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology in Pain and Anxiety Control which gave him the credentials to administer Intravenous Sedation.

During his career Dr Walker has participated in many professional courses in a wide range of topics, including:

  • Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology post graduate program in pain and anxiety control,
  • Sydney Centre for Osseointegration of Dental Implants in Branemark system,
  • Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry,
  • Life Saver II course in Advance Life Support,
  • University of Sydney continuing education course in fixed prosthodontics.

In addition to this Dr Walker has had great teaching experience throughout his career in many areas. He has trained Dental Assistants at TAFE and from 1994 to the present day Dr Walker is the University of Sydney Lecturer for diploma students in intravenous sedation, teaching Dentists from across Australia the skills required for sedation dentistry. He is the senior clinical Associate and external Examiner in Intravenous Sedation.


  • 2009:International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • 2008:Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology Noosa
  • 2008:Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology Noosa
  • 2006:Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology Gold Coast
  • 2004:Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology
  • 2003:Australia society of dental Anaesthesiology Queensland
  • 2002:Australia society of dental Anaesthesiology Canberra
  • 2001:Australia society of dental Anaesthesiology Melbourne
  • 2000:Australia society of dental Anaesthesiology Noosa
  • 2000:Vice President Australian Society for Dental Anaesthesiology
  • 1999:Australian society of dental anaesthiology Conference Launceston
  • 1999:October American Dental Association Annual Dental conference
  • 1998:Federal President Australian Society for Dental Anaesthesiology
  • 1996 – 2002:NSW President for the Australian Society for Dental Anaesthesiology
  • 1995:ASDA Annual National Scientific Conference Manly chairman speaker
  • 1995:ASDA Annual National Scientific Conference Adelaide co-chairman speaker
  • 1993:ASDA Annual National Scientific Conference Coffs Harbour co-chairman
  • 1992:ADA Ad Hoc committee member of the private hospitals & day surgery Act 1998
  • 1990 – 2002:Federal Councilor
  • 1987 – 2002:NSW Secretary Treasurer


  • 2006:Nobel Biocare Dental Symposium Las Vegas
  • 2004:November Nobel Biocare review of current implant course review of current implant therapy.
  • 2004:May Intermediate Grafting & Aesthetic implant placement workshop
  • 2004:Aesthetic dentistry by John Kanca III
  • 2004:Nobel Biocare Asia/Pacific Conference Melbourne
  • 2003:March Nobel Biocare Immediate tooth replacement to bone reconstruction course Uni NSW Syd
  • 2003:ADA biological implant reconstruction Syd
  • 1999:October American Dental Association Annual Dental conference
  • 1999:American Dental Association Conference Hawaii
  • 1998:American Dental Association Conference San Francisco
  • 1998:Restorative dentistry by Alton M. Lacy PhD D.D.S from Uni California San Francisco
  • 1998:Adhesion in Anaesthetic Dentistry by John Kanca III
  • 1996:July infection control conference
  • 1996:May Adhesion & Anaesthetic Dentistry course through clinical & research association
  • 1994:Adhesion & Anaesthetic Dentistry course by Raymon Bertolottic clinical professor Biomaterials califonia San Francisco
  • 1993:July Aesthetic & Adhesion Dentistry course Sydney
  • 1992:ASDA Annual National Scientific Conference
  • 1992:Uni Syd continuing Education Course in Fixed Prosthedontics
  • 1991:Conference Adhesion & anaesthetic dentistry Sydney
  • 1991:S.A.A.D Life Saver 11 course
  • 1989:Sydney Centre for Osseointegration course dental Implants UNI SYD
  • 1984:Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesia Postgraduate Programme in Pain & Anxiety Control


  • 1994:Presented Intravenous Sedation seminar at the Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology course in Melbourne
  • 1993:Presented in course in relative analgesia in Sydney

Sydney Sedation Dentist

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We are a certified Dental Board Sedation practice offering Intravenous Sedation on a daily basis unlike other practices that bring in an anaesthetist on a monthly basis to perform their sedations. We receive referrals from many dentists for sedation & General Anaesthesia. So if you enquire elsewhere please ensure, for your security, that it is to a dental board approved practice.

We offer General Anaesthesia on a regular basis at our rooms and we are one of the very, very few in the Sydney metropolitan area.