Dr Michael Walker graduated from the University of Sydney in 1983. He is a general practitioner who owns and manages a practice in Waterloo Sydney, which specialises in treating patients who request sedation or General Anaesthesia.

In 1989 Dr Walker attended a Branemark course at the Sydney Centre for Osseointegrated Dental Implants. He has been restoring implants for over 20 years and surgically placing implants since 2003.

Dr Walker is also a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Acadamy and an active member of the Australian Osseointegration Society and Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.




This program is designed to inform and educate dentists about the restorative procedures of implant dentistry. Dr Walker will present step-by-step approach to treatment planning. Detailed instructions and hand-on workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive overview for implant level impression taking protocols and abutment selection.

This program will consist of 5 modules which cover all aspects of restoring single unit implant cases and provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss potential implant cases with Dr Walker as well as obtain hands-on experience during impression taking and abutment selection workshops.

Each workshop will start at 6pm and conclude 9pm.

The dates for the 2012 mentor program are:

  • 27 June
  • 18 July
  • 1 August
  • 12 September
  • 19 September

The dates for the 2013 mentor program are:

  • 13 March
  • 10 April
  • 01 May
  • 22 May
  • 19 June


This day course is an ideal introduction to Relative Analgesia and an excellent refresher course for dentists wishing to update their theory and practical skills. Through practical methods participants will become proficient and confident in the administration of Relative Analgesia in clinical practice.

Dates for 2016

February 19(ADA QLD)

May 5 (ADA SA)

June 3 (ADA QLD)

June 4 (ADA VIC)

JULY 1 (NSW- Orange)

July 8(RA)

August 19 (ADA QLD)

September 1&2 (ADA VIC)

September 4 (TAS )

September 16 (DARWIN)

November 4 (ADA QLD)

November 25 (Westmead NSW)

CPD VALUE : 6.5 hours; Courses compliant with section 4 of DBA Guidelines on CPD


(Conscious Sedation and Pain Control)

Dr Walker is a senior clinical Associate and senior external examiner for the diploma in sedation dentistry at the University of Sydney. The course provides the opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge in the growing field of conscious sedation and pain control. Major areas of study include: the practice of sedation; differential diagnosis of collapse; advanced life support. The program is aimed at dental graduates wishing to upgrade skills for general dental practice.

The course over a 2 year period covers basic life support and resuscitation , theory and practice of dental sedation.

For further information refer to the University of Sydney website.


We are a certified Dental Board Sedation practice offering Intravenous Sedation on a daily basis unlike other practices that bring in an anaesthetist on a monthly basis to perform their sedations. We receive referrals from many dentists for sedation & General Anaesthesia. So if you enquire elsewhere please ensure, for your security, that it is to a dental board approved practice.

We offer General Anaesthesia on a regular basis at our rooms and we are one of the very, very few in the Sydney metropolitan area.